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Snake Removal

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Snake Removal

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Snakes are ruthless and sneaky creatures!  Still more scared of you than your are of them believe it or not.  Snakes will find places to hide under, sometimes making this space their home.  They are carnivores, meaning they eat meat, even sometimes each other.  Depending on the species snakes will live 10-25 years, there are 3,400 different species of snakes in the world.  Again depending on species snakes will lay up to or sometimes even more than 100 eggs.  Garter snakes however have live birth.

Poisonous snakes are what to look out for, if your not sure call a animal removal specialist right away!  The dangers are deadly.  Some snakes carry a venom that only takes a drop to kill a grown man, take caution!


Snake Away Keeping a Snake Away - Snake removal and relocation from a property in North Port, Fl was performed yesterday by Gulf Coast Animal Removal, LLC. The snake had been spotted a few times through out the year.  Yesterday homeowner, Elizabeth Jones saw the snake...

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Getting Rid of Rats Getting rid of rats can be time consuming depending on the severity of the infestation.  I just read an article about a rat infested home.  The neighbors had to call and complain to the county because rats were starting to get over into their home...

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Raccoon Control

Raccoon Control You will want to have the proper equipment and take caution when performing Raccoon Control.  Raccoons carry diseases such as rabies and roundworm Which both have serious consequences.  Most noteworthy when in your attic they probably have babies. In...

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