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Rat Removal

Rat Removal – Signs of rats are droppings, chewed wires, cables, wood, or plastic. Mice & rats are different in one major way.  Mice will leave dropping everywhere, while rats will leave their droppings in one area only.  In any case if you see chewed wires or cables and no droppings in sight you probably don’t have mice.

While other signs of infestation maybe nesting materials &  probably a strong smell.  Next, nesting materials consist of shredded paper, cardboard, and fabric. Therefore In conclusion when soaked with urine you will experience a strong ammonia smell.

Rat removal

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Rat Control

Especially relevant there are three major steps on rat removal & preventing rats.  Above all sanitize, eliminate existing population, and rat proof. Sanitize by keeping food put away.  Put cereal, sugar, and any other accessible foods  in either plastic or glass containers.  Make sure to clean up any crumbs or dishes.  Eliminating the existence can take some time depending on the severity of your infestation.  For example use rat traps until your no longer trap anymore.  Most of all you’ll want to place traps them near the areas you’ve found signs of a rat such as chewed wires & where their food source is.  In any case trapping and removing you could use the following baits:

  • Peanut butter
  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Bacon
  • Fruit
  • Cereals


With all things considered, in addition check for holes around your home and patch them with something that they can’t eat through such as stucco or wood.  For this reason things to check thoroughly would be your roof edges/eaves, around water spigots or holes created from wire and pipe instillation.

In addition check any pipes that run vertically up & down your home rats can climb.  Strangely enough they can climb many things for example brick and stone making it very easy for them to climb.   As a result you can use a clear high gloss paint.  Paint at least a 12″ band, 3′ from the ground.  Of course this makes slippery and too hard to climb.

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