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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal servicing Tampa, St. Petersburg, North Port, Ft. Myers, Naples and everywhere in between.  Call now for your free Animal Control quote in less than 5 minutes!! 941-228-5312

Raccoon Removal & Prevention

Getting into your garbage at night?  Try using something to hold lid shut such as a bungee cord, or some type of rope.  Or for example you could also do something as simple as putting a cinder block on top to hold lid down.  In addition keep your yard clean of any food, even your pets food.  Another route, you could also purchase a motion activated noise machine to scare them off.  In the event you have a raccoon living in your home you’ll need a trap with some bait.  Put the trap near the entry hole.  After trapping process is over make sure to close up any entry holes to prevent the risk of return.

Raccoon removal

Closeup of Raccoon. © momnjax

Scavengers!  Ironically they will eat whatever they can find.  Here is a list of their favorites..

  • Berries
  • Fruits
  • Nut
  • Eggs
  • Fish

All About Raccoons

Raccoons are very unique, smart creatures.  Have 5 fingers like a human, making it easy to open jars, lids, and yes even turn door knobs!  They can tear apart roofs, eaves, and whatever they need to tear apart to have shelter.

Their back legs are longer than their front giving them the famous arch in their back.  Coons can fall from trees of up to 40′ without getting hurt.

Even though they’re cute, don’t mistake that for kindness!  Raccoons are very dangerous & carry diseases such as rabies and round worm.  If carrying rabies you’ll notice them walking slow as if in a daze, & very aggressive.  If bitten seek medical help right away as this can result in death.  Round worm lives in their digestive system and is spread through feces.  The human has to digest this, unknowingly of course, to contract it.  If contracted causes major organ issues. There are several cases in the US of children blinded from round worm.

Female raccoons, also known as a sow, breed in the spring, typically around March and have up to 3-5 babies.  A sow will only have one litter per year.  A male raccoon is called a “boar” and their young “kits.”  If a sow takes up residence in your attic or wall you more than likely will need attic restoration as well.  Attic restoration consists of a clean out & block any odor from urine, feces,  we will also replace your insulation.




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