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Raccoon Control

You will want to have the proper equipment and take caution when performing Raccoon Control.  Raccoons carry diseases such as rabies and roundworm Which both have serious consequences.  Most noteworthy when in your attic they probably have babies. In conclusion you don’t want them as your roommates.

Raccoon Control

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While raccoon removal can be needed for something as simple as raccoons getting into your trash. A better result to bringing the stinky can into your garage is simply place a cinder block on top of trash can or use a bungee cord.  Most of all definitely keep any dog or pet food inside.

Yet another antic maybe is to purchase a motion activated noise machine to scare them away.

Raccoon control is typically needed in the winter months as raccoons look for shelter for warmth and sometimes even to have their babies.  Raccoons will breed around March.  Raccoons like to nest in your attic, shed, crawl spaces, or even sometimes in your walls.


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More About Raccoons

Wild raccoons have a life expectancy of 2-6 years while in captivity can live up to 20 years.  Can grow to be as much as 25 lbs, and jump from trees up to 40′ tall.  Raccoons have five fingers making it easy for them to open lids, jars, and even doors.  They will have a litter of 3-5 babies once a year, typically breeding time is around March.  Sleeping happens mostly in the day making them Nocturnal.  Most will say if you see them during the day they must have rabies, however this isn’t true in all cases.  In the winter months they do not hibernate but do tend to sleep up to a few weeks at a time during those months.  Visit for more information on raccoons.

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